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Squiggle Park supports learning to read through play; our bite-sized games are effective in building mastery of early reading skills and support a variety of curriculums and pedagogies. Teachers and parents can be confident their kids are learning the skills needed to become successful readers. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it works!

Why use Squiggle Park?

Focus on Mastery

Each stage within Squiggle Park has been carefully crafted to ensure that students show mastery of the content in order to progress. The technology measures mastery as kids level up resulting in the delivery of the right level at the right time
for each student.

Track Progress

Dashboards for teachers tracking both individual and group progress, allows teachers to see how their students are doing. Students know the stages they have mastered and how far they are from completing each world.

Collaborate to Learn

A unique feature of Squiggle Park is the collaboration mode offering kids a chance to play at their own skill level while contributing to a group challenge. This gives every student the opportunity to be a part of the class success no matter what
level they are!

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